Autodesk Media + Entertainment  Combustion / Cleaner Road Show -Tue Jan 17 2006,  4: 30-6:30 pm at ITT


ITT Technology Center, 6330 Highway 290 East Suite 150, Austin, TX 78723       Map to event


Many of you probably remember Ken LaRue.  He gave us a great presentation last March.  He also has new DVD tutorials out on Combustion 4.  Ken really speaks to the Adobe AfterEffects users, so if you didn't see him last year, or are wondering how Combustion works, this is your chance!

Combustion 4 is now available on the MAC.

Cleaner XL also has a few new releases:

This version of the highly popular encoder features many new encoding options, including DIVx and much, much more.

Combustion® 4 for Windows and Macintosh,

Bring your imagination to life and get your work done faster with the easy-to-use Combustion® interface, its efficient workflow, and extensive toolset. Autodesk® Combustion® 4 software is an all-in-one professional compositing application designed to meet the needs of the world’s most demanding artists.

Application Specialist Ken LaRue will demo all aspects of this all-in-one professional compositing application. With detailed explanations of new features, general workflow, and an in-depth look at the powerful creative tools, this demo will provide you with a complete introduction to the application that gives a new generation of artists a powerful range of desktop visual effects tools, at a price-point that has never been seen before.

Cleaner XL® 1.5 (Windows) and Cleaner® 6.5 (Macintosh)

Then Ken will show you all the great new features in Cleaner XL 1.5 and Cleaner 6.5, Make sure your encoded media looks its best with Autodesk® Cleaner® XL 1.5 or Cleaner 6.5 software. High-quality filters and total control of the industry's leading encoders let you create stunning video for all delivery formats such as DVD, flash video, Windows Media, QuickTime and portable devices such as IPod, PSP and other handheld PDAs.


Feel free to contact Jamie for more information. You can view some product demonstrations on the Autodesk website here:

Combustion 4

Cleaner XL

Check them out and bring your follow-up questions to the event. : )


ITT Technology Center, 6330 Highway 290 East Suite 150, Austin, TX 78723.

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