Austin 3D Users' Group - Wednesday, March 29 2006, 7:30pm at Lucy's Boatyard overlooking Lake Austin

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This month the 3D Users’ Group meeting will be Wednesday, March 29, at a new time, 7:30pm, in a new venue: Lucy’s Boatyard overlooking Lake Austin.

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Thanks to Cal Rogers at ViZIX ( for the suggestion.  Of course, this means we won’t be having snacks and sodas, but we can supply everyone with chips and salsa.  For those of you pining for the restaurant meetings of the La Madeline era, this will be a welcome change of pace.  You’ll be able to buy your own dinner and drinks if you wish.  We’ll be in the meeting room overlooking the lake.  It should be very nice.

Our featured speaker will be Randy Matzkanin, PE, lead Engineer from 21st century forensic animations.

He’ll talk with us about the range of work they do, including forensic animation and perishable space visualizations.  Andre Stuart, the company owner, tells me that they are the oldest independent forensic animation firm!  Come see how they put 3D technology to work for their clients.

 We hope to have some new product demonstrations also.  Look for another update after we receive additional confirmed speakers.  Hope to see you there!


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Lucy's Boatyard

3825 Lake Austin Blvd

Austin, TX 78703



Austin Business Computers, Inc.

Professional tools for digital content



Jamie Crawford
Animation Representative

Austin Business Computers





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